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Types of Women You Shouldn’t Marry: Top 10

Getting married is a decision that isn’t easily reversed. You should only decide to marry someone after careful consideration. However, once you make that decision, you’ll want that person to be someone you can spend a lifetime with. Be careful, and stray away from these top 10 types of women you shouldn’t marry.


Of the 10 types of women you shouldn't marry, a disapproving woman might be the worst.

When you marry someone, you are essentially making a mutual agreement. You’ve both decided that you approve of each other equally enough to spend a lifetime together. So, it should come as no surprise that a disapproving woman might cause your marriage to suffer. No one wants their spouse to disapprove everything they do. Because if she doesn’t approve you now, she probably also didn’t approve your decisions before. Choose carefully in marriage. And don’t get dragged down by a woman who only disapproves you.

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