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Top 20 Skills Every Man Should Know And Control

It’s been for centuries a heated debate among men, because it’s hard to define what makes a “real man.” Everyone seems to have their own opinion about it. Part of being a man is being competent and effective in the world, and to do that, you got to have skills. In addition, the modern man must be both a warrior and a diplomat, a woodsman and a scholar. We need both hard skills and soft skills. Below you’ll find a list of 20 skills every man should master.

#1/20 The Ability to Tie A Tie

Man with blue suit on mountain with snow. Wear glasses and have arms extended sideways

This is an essential skill to know. You cannot expect that you mom do this every time you need it. Also it will give you a boost on your confidence and mood. Besides, you will be attending plenty of funerals, weddings, and job interviews during your adult life, when a sharp necktie is appropriate. So start practicing. 

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