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Top 19 DIY Man Cave Ideas For Your Home

#2/19 Wine Barrel Coffee Table

Wooden table made with half a barrel. It has a mahogany support base with two vertical boards joined by a table located horizontally of the same elongated color which unites them. On each side of the stand a long handle comes out. The upper part of the table is designed as a table in the form of a door formed by five long boards joined together, with an iron handle to open and two hinges. Above the table you can see two bottles of wine of different size and shape, a bunch of grapes and two glasses of glass

If you drink too much wine or even whiskey, and have a wine barrel somewhere, you can turn it into a coffee table. Cut a large oak barrel lengthwise and use one half as a table, plus a storage space for your favorite wine: you can do so by cutting the bands with a reciprocating saw and using a jigsaw to cut through the wood. Often-times the length of the barrel can be split on a seam and won’t require making a cut.

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