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The 20 Best Soccer Players In The World

Football or Soccer (as it is known in USA) have been played for a long time, and with a very big fan base it became one of the best sports in the world. During all that time a lot of things within the game have changes. The soccer players have been in charge of making this sport attractive for the fans; and it has always been talked about which player is the best. During the different generations of players many have stood out; and some of them are in this list. They are responsible for improving and making the best of the beautiful game

#20/20 Eusebio

Player Eusebio jumping high inside the soccer field. Red flannel and white cut trousers. Extended arms

Knows as the Black Panther, this African-born player make a good impression directing Portugal to a third-place at the 1966 World Cup, and winning the Golden Boot for the nine goals score. While playing with Benfica, he score 638 times, won eleven league titles, a European Cup and a Ballon d’Or, during 15 years of his soccer career. He is also known to be very humble and a believer of fair play. 

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