pixel Whiskey, it can be cheap but also expensive. Which one Should you get?

10 Best Bottles Of Whiskey Under 50$

The fact that the bottle of whiskey is cheap, does not mean it is bad or you will fall badly. In addition, trying something new can give you a nice surprise, because you can find your new favorite whiskey. Also, if you are tired of drinking the same brands like: Jack, Jim or Johnnie Walker, this list can give you some other options.

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#10/10 Redbreast 12-Year Old Irish Whiskey, $47

RedBreast Whiskey Bottle On A Messenger bag

This whiskey is anything but simple. When you try it you will find a multi-layered attack of malt and pepper plus a few sherry notes with the pot still arriving on the second wave and refusing to budge. On the nose, you can feel it grassy and smoky, while it taste of white grape juice, cinnamon and honey.

Drink responsible

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