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President Of The United States: Stories Of The 19 Smartest

There are very few people that earned the honorable title of being President of the United States. Those that do become president have most likely focused the entirety of their life on that goal. This means they did well in school, went to college, earned degrees, had successful careers, and eventually got into politics. What most of us don’t realize is that some presidents dropped out of college and some didn’t go at all! But does a lack of “proper” education mean that someone isn’t intelligent enough to become president?

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson in a pose with his peculiar white hair, wearing a black and white photo with big buttons with a turtleneck shirt and loops like a tie

One can have a glimpse of the intelligence of former US President just knowing that he authored the US Declaration of Independence. Jefferson graduated from the College of William and Mary before going on to study law. He was a notably bad public speaker, according to White House records. He reluctantly ran for president after gradually assuming leadership of the Republican party.

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