President Of The United States: 32 Of The Most Intelligent


There are very few people that get the honorable title of President of the United States. Those that do become president have most likely focused the entirety of their life on that goal. Which means they did well in school, went to college, earned degrees, had successful careers, and eventually got into politics. What most of us don’t realize is that some presidents dropped out of college and some didn’t go at all! But does a lack of “proper” education mean that someone isn’t intelligent enough to become president? You can see for yourself in this list we’ve composed of the presidents and their IQ’s!

#32/32 Donald Trump

Donald Trump young

During his teenage years the actual president of the USA attended a military school. When it was time to attend college he went to Fordham finally ending up in the Pennsylvania University. His decision to change from university to the other was because UPenn offered studies in real state. And as we all know that it’s how he came to become a powerful real state mogul.


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