I Dare You To Eat This, 15 Exotic Dishes From Around The World


Experiencing exotic new cultures is exciting and for those with courage and curiosity, food is a perfect way to expose themselves to one of the most important aspects of life in foreign countries. Either because of their ingredients or their means of preparation, adventurous travelers will find these 15 exotic dishes challenging to say the least.

# 1/15 Casu Marzu

Fermented cheese with a liquefied content and maggots inside

We begin with a very interesting Italian cheese. Casu Marzu comes from Sardinia and is basically an extremely rotten cheese, so putrid that actual maggots live inside it to continue the fermentation process. When served, the maggots and its fluid texture supposedly are part of its charm. Currently, there is no way to purchase Casu Marzu legally in the U.S.



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