Do YOU Like It HOT? Here Are 15 Spicy Cities That You Will Truly Enjoy


Looking for hot and spicy a travel destination?. For experienced travelers, each city comes with a particular tone, a flavor that newcomers can perceive and enjoy. With the right advice or experience, even a very casual tourist can take part of what makes a city unique.  London is very rich in culture, Venice in art but, as we all know, not every city caters to the highest aspects of the human being, some relish in the more animalistic and primordial. These 15 cities come with their own spicy flavor for those who dare to taste it.

#15/15 Sao Paulo (Brazil)

Spicy Beaches Of Brazil Tanned muscular Guy Carrying A Surfboard

Brazil and specially Sao Paulo are known for having some of the most attractive women in the world. If you are looking for the perfect example of Latin beauty, S.P is not a bad place to start, of course, to fully appreciate this fact, you would need to not only visit this city but its beaches.



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