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Top 25 Of Most Venomous Animal In The World

The world is a dangerous place; that’s why some organisms (to deal with the hostility of the planet) have developed defenses that are much more direct than claws or teeth. Although for these animals this is a defense mechanism, for humans can be lethal. In this case, is important to know the differences between the terms poison and venom: the first one is absorbed, while the venom is always injected. So, check this list to find out some of the most venomous animals.

25/25 Southern Short-Tailed Shrew

south tail short on some branches

It is hard to imagine a shrew to be venomous, but in this case it is. The saliva is venomous and is injected into the wounds of its prey by the teeth. Its venom is strong enough to kill mice, but is not lethal to humans, though it causes severe pain, swelling and muscle problems.

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