23 Thing You Need To Know About The Female Body


Women are such interesting human beings. Besides the fact that females can carry a living thing inside their bodies for 9 months and then give birth to it, they differ so much from the male species. Also, some of the difference between men and women are not visible at first sight, but are quite important. For this reason, here are some interesting facts about the female body you should know.

1/23 Women’s Heart Are Programmed To Beat Twice As Fast As A Man’s

Within an open field with very green grass, a heart-shaped tree with many fuchsia leaves. There are leaves

There are some difference between the heart of a men and a women. First, is smaller, because it has to fit the women chest; second, it has to beat twice as fast to pump the blood around the body. Also, it weight less and the veins are thinner.


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