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20 Unbelievable Photos Inside North Korea

North Korea is probably the most mysterious nation on the planet. Kim Jong-Un is revered as a god and life in the secretive state is a reflection of that. One photographer; Michal Huniewicz, managed to travel there and was able to smuggle these photos out of the country in hidden SD cards. He did this, not matter how illegal it was to do, so you could get a more candid look into the most mysterious country on the planet. Michal was told that he would be detained in case photos like these were found, but he managed to smuggle them out of the country, which was very stressful.

#1/20 Buying At A Grocery Store

Woman buying groceries at a store

This photo is actually an interesting one because the store was only for locals. So as you can imagine the photographer got kicked out of the store seconds after taking the photo. Fortunately, for us we can now see how it really is to buy products at a grocery store in North Korea.

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