pixel 20 Tips For Grill Lovers

20 Tips For Grill Lovers

Cooking food is one of the oldest human activities, it is consider one of the great advances in our civilization since it can protect us form harmful parasites and bacteria and also makes nutrients more available. Some consider the discovery of cooking as THE point that helped us becoming the dominant species on earth.

Grandeur aside, although  cooking is an extremely common activity, that does not mean that it is a natural talent for most people. Cooking can be a labor intensive activity, demanding attention and care that novice or inattentive cooks may not be able to provide.

Temperature, fuel, fire and many other elements have to be taken into consideration. This is part of the appeal of cooking, being able to master these conditions and make them work in your favor. The appeal extends pass meat, learning to cook fruits and vegetables to perfection can also be very rewarding for many.

Te following list contains tips for a better and healthier grilling.

#1/20 Avoid burned food


There are 2 important carcinogens in grilling meat: Heterocyclic amines (HA) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH). HA is produced when meat is exposed directly to high heat and PAH is the result of fat dripping on coal fire.

These chemicals can be avoided by trimming the fat from meat before exposing it to fire. precooking at lower temperatures (boiling or baking) and avoiding leaving meat on to of the fire for too long.

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