20 Timeless Cars


Classic cars, you either love them like me, or you hate them. In my opinion they are timeless pieces of art, that have to be preserved. Each period of time has his own style of cars, just like each Rembrandt has a signature style which makes it recognisable. The following 20 oldtimers represent some of the most timeless automobiles ever made.

Classic Cars #1 Aston Martin DB4

Car: Aston Martin DB4
Source: Mad4Wheels

The next one in line to the Mach II met the expectations and continued Aston Martin’s history of elegancy and timeless designs. The DB4 was made from 1958 until 1963, the company continued with the bold style and appearance. The car  performanced pretty decently, pushing a top speed of 139 miles per hour.



  1. This Talbot Lago T26 has definite Jaguar cues. I see Mk1 (closed rear wheel spats & frontal & lamp design/arrangement, Mk2 and even early XK 120. It doesn’t say year, but I would hazard a guess at 1958/9

  2. And again. Not ‘they where being sold’ but ‘they were sold’. (“Where is my car?”.) Any, you should say ‘they sold between…’)

  3. Actually, despite being a badge swap of the Holden Monaro, there actually was one more Pontiac GTO that was made from 2004 to 2006, so you might want to get things right, people.


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