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20 of the Deadliest Animals In the World

This is a wonderful and dangerous world, nature has created a vast amount of creatures, each with their own adaptations to survive. Is no surprise that many animals come with an ease to kill, adaptations that make them specially dangerous and deadly for other being in their environment and of course, people. The following is a list of 20 examples of these creatures.

20/20 Leopards (Kill rate: 29 people/year)


Yes, they are big cats with claws and a very dangerous speed, but in reality, they are not as ferocious as you think. Leopards may come in contact with humans in urban environments when new constructions invade these feline’s natural habitats. If you find yourself in this situation, know that they will not immediately attack you, they are not prone to senseless confrontation unless they feel threatened, or they mistake you for a smaller and more vulnerable animal. Fire, music and loud noises will make you seem like more of a threat to them. A good advice is “avoid being alone at night” if you live near them.

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