pixel Lots of Money at Low Cost, Countries With Low Interest Rates for Loans

Lots of Money at Low Cost, 20 Countries With Low Interest Rates for a Loan

A loan can really make a difference in your life. With it you can buy a new house, car or spend it in any other big “thing”, however, one must be very careful with them. High interest rates can ruin your life, specially if you are not well aware of their value before applying for the loan. These rates are determined by a country’s central bank’s funds rate, a measurement for how much a bank is allowed to borrow from the country’s own funds. The following list includes countries with the lowest rates in the world. In these places, a loan is much easier to handle. If you are looking to start a new business, buy a house or fund a big change in your life, then you should think about moving to any of these places.

#1/20 Switzerland

Landscape showing a canal between colonial buildings. There are several pointed towers. There is a bridge with small boats anchored and a site inside the canal on the left with awnings and space for sunbathing. A medium ship sailing through the center of the channel. . Trees. People and a street style street on the right

This country exist in quite a unique situation, it has such low interest rates, that they are actually negative (-0.75%), meaning that the state pays the bank to lend money. If you are looking for a new place to live and don’t have a lot of money, then give Switzerland a chance. 

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