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Excess For Dessert, 18 Expensive Dishes From Around The World

Food is just as a source of nutrients or a treat after a stressful day but, for some, food is something else. Some consider that eating should be an experience. Culinary experiences are usually expensive, specially when they have very peculiar sources, rare ingredients or very complicated methods of preparation. We preset the 18 most expensive dishes currently available in the world.

1/18 Dragon Dog (100 USD)

Open hot dog with various meats and toppings

Dougie Luv of DougieDog creates a variation to the regular hot dog. This monstrosity is a foot-long bratwurst infused with an extravagantly expensive cognac (100 year-old Louis XIII) and topped with lobster, hot sauce, Kobe beef and seared with olive oil and truffle oil. Due to its ingredients and elaborate preparation you need to order 12 hours in advance.

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