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17 Amazing 2018 World Cup Facts You Will Not Believe

Every 4 years, most people in America are reminded that Soccer still exist. In the U.S, the world cup may not be as big as in other places, however, internationally this is not only a competition. It is a cosmic event in which the best of the best assembles in one place and fight with all they’ve got to test their skills.

For 30 days, 64 matches take place and at the end, only 1 team will make history. But, there are more things to know about the world cup. In this article we’ll give you 17 interesting, amazing and odd world cup facts to remember.

# 17/17 Abstinence

man and woman in bed

Although, not an official policy of the world cup, many coaches enforce a “no sex” rule during and just before the championship. This is due to several problems that may come from it. Most teams will find themselves in an exotic country, away from their families, surrounded by fans and temptations. Both, physical and personal problems may arise from these circumstances, however,  injuries, illness or intoxication just before a game is a coach’s worst nightmare.

Not all teams enforce this policy, and some are very flexible by even allowing sex, but prohibiting “acrobatic maneuvers”, whatever that may imply.

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