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15 Unbelievable Space Images That Are Actually Real

An astronaut floating in space. The grin of the sun. A camera capturing an image of a single airplane below. These are all space-related images that may seem unreal; but no Photoshop or CGI has some sort of participation to create them because in reality space is that crazy.

Moon In Front Of The Earth

The moon is shown not far from the earth with mountains and oceans seen from a great distance. Blue tones of different intensity prevail

In the year 2015; a camera aboard the Deep Space Climate Laboratory captured a unique view of the Moon as it passes between the Spacecraft and the Earth. As you can see here, this image shows the fully illuminated “dark side” of the Moon that is not visible from the Earth. The image depicted here is part of a collection of images from the Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera.

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