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These 15 Foods Are Amazing For Your Heart

The heart is probably THE most important muscle in your body, mainly because it keeps your blood flowing and delivering nutrients and oxygen to every single part of your body. Proper nutrition goes a long way if you want to keep it healthy. Heart diseases are the greatest killers in the developed world, over 40 million people suffer from them, however, healthy habits can really make a difference.

The following list includes 15 foods that are going to affect your heart’s health positively .

#1/15 Citrus fruits

Orange Yellow Orange Yellow Juicy Yellow Fruit

Chronic low levels of Vitamin C are now considered as an important risk factor for heart disease. Some individuals are more vulnerable than others, however, this deficiency is rather easy to treat by simply eating some fruits like oranges, lemons or grapefruits (rich in vitamin C). Citrus fruits also have a lot of soluble fiber and pectin. This vitamin will strengthen your blood vessels, protect you from oxidative stress, decrease cholesterol absorption and neutralize other harmful molecules. Cantaloupes and papaya are also good options.

The next healthy food option is old but gold!

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