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15 Amazing Things About Coffee

Coffee is now a very important part of the lives of many people. It helps them start the day and remain active during the night. Nowadays is also a commodity, prepared in many different styles and with many options for embellishments. Not a small part of our salaries go to the purchase of this often delicious and sometimes even addictive beverage. You still don’t know much about this subject, the following 15 facts will make you understand a bit more this fascinating drug.

#1/15 The Dancing Goats

red berries in the background with a main view of a cup of very hot coffee accompanied by dried coffee beans

One of the first recorded observations about the energizing effects of coffee comes from an over 1000 years old Ethiopian tale in which a goat herder join his goats in a dance after eating a “mysterious” plant. The story includes descriptions of bight red berries and the catchy line “the happiest herder in happy Arabia”.

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