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Top 13 Actions For Adding Time For You Side Hustle

In these times, many people look for ways to earn a bit more of money. However, how can you accomplished that without hurting your job? If you are one of those who has a side hustle, you pray to make more hours in the day, knowing that is not possible. The key factor is how to use your time, because you already know what you have to do. For this reason we can do some tricks that helps you to focus and to use the time better.

Schedule Digital Silence

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It goes without saying that social media is addictive. As a result, you need to stay away from it if you want to take advantage of your free time. You can attempt to block periods of time of digital silence: no apps, mails, or other; and on that time put your effort to complete your side hustle or other personal project. On the contrary, you can schedule your entertainment time, for example: from 9 to 10 you can hit all the apps you need to satisfy your addition. 

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