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10 Things a Woman Wants in her Relationship

When you’re in a relationship, you want a partner that is there for you, a best friend that will support you emotionally, inspire you to achieve your goals, and also bring you happiness every day. Even with the perfect partner, there are certain things that we want in a relationship but don’t want to have to ask for. It’s the little things like breakfast in bed, cleaning up around the house, and a simple “I love you” that can make a world of difference to women. Check out the fifteen things women want their other half to do without asking, in their relationship.

1. Take her on dates

relationship man and women in restaurant on date

Regardless of whether you are newly dating or have been together for years, it’s important to keep the romance alive. Everyone yearns for those early days of long chats over candlelight at your favorite restaurants or those exciting outings you took her on to woo her. Keep the tradition alive. Reserve at least one night every two weeks and take her on a date. Perhaps check out that newly opened restaurant in your neighborhood or catch a band playing.

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