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Top 10 Countries To Buy A Home (Cheap)

We all want and need a place to call home, becoming independent is a very important part of life, but sometimes the numbers just don’t add up. For those in need of finding a place of their own, moving may be an attractive option if it means buying a house or apartment at an excellent price and still having enough money for the rest of the month. The following list contains 10 of the most affordable countries for aspiring home owners.

10. Colombia

bogota skyline

There are songs praising the beauty of Colombia. This is a place of beauty, warmth and many opportunities, specially for someone with some USD. This place is surprisingly affordable, here you’ll be able to live as the top 10% while earning a 99% salary. Rent for a decent place can be anywhere from 400 to 450 USD. The way residential areas are distributed will allow you to pick a nice home in a nice neighborhood rather easy and quickly. 

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