10 Careers and Degrees Worst For Those Looking To Make Money



Let us be really clear, just having a college degree will not ensure you a good paying job. If you have a college degree, then you “should” earn more money that someone without one (highly skilled trades being the exception). However, the harsh truth is that “a degree” will not be enough to pay the heavy debts associated with higher education. You’ll want to make as much money as you can and as soon after graduation day as possible. Because of this need, we recommend you to avoid getting yourself in debt by pursuing the following 10 career paths.

#10/10 Performing Arts ($38K)

actors, musicians and dancers in the stage

By this we refer to theater, music, dance, public speaking and other related activities. It may be your passion but you still should consider pursuing other more practical careers and keep your passions for your spare time or finding a proper niche from which you can thrive. Is harsh (and this is true all around the world), but the reality is that unless you are uniquely talented, the PAs are no worth the pain.




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