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10 Amazing Drone Captures

Drone sales have risen to new heights over the course of the past couple of years. At first, drones were seen like a thing that only the military would be using, but they have fully integrated into the civilian world now. They are used a lot for filming some impossible angles and for some beautiful pictures. We have compiled some of the best drone pictures out there in this list!

The Silverdome

This abandoned stadium, known as the Silverdome, used to be the home of the Detroit Lions football team. This was before they moved their home base to the new Ford Field in 2002. The Silverdome used to host huge events like the Super Bowl, but since the Detroit Lions football team moved away this has not the case anymore.

The stadium got plans in 2009 to turn the Silverdome into a soccer stadium but unfortunately, these plans never got executed. Developers still have not decided what they want to do with the stadium in the future. Because nobody wanted to put in the repair the necessary stuff for the stadium lately, they have sold everything of value from the stadium. That is why this drone capture looks the way it looks. It is a huge shame to see a once great stadium like the Silverdome is such despair.

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